Tips for Successful Goal Setting in 2021

Pink in Ink

As we are getting settled into a new year, many are looking at setting their goals or resolutions, be it personal or professional development, even hobbies. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of apps that can track and help with goal setting and sticking to them.

One that is used by millions of readers is GoodReads which, I love because it not only keeps you motivated to read but also allows you to follow friends, family, and social media influencers latest reads, what books they’ve unearthed and keep them motivated to reach their reading goals.

Over the few years I’ve been using GoodReads, I’ve set myself goals that were a roaring success and epic fails. So, to help you keep to your goals, I’ve learnt to start small and build from that.

Last year I set a simple goal of reading 12 books for the year. I’d then keep increasing by 12 every time I reached that goal, and so on. I was reading not to reach a numerical goal, but because I wanted to keep finding my new favourite books. I’ve seen so many people set and reach a goal of reading 100 books in a year, which would be amazing to get to, but by setting such a huge goal, it can either be a great motivator or an excellent procrastinator.

For me, I know I would be demotivated if I set a goal of 100 titles, purely because it’s very daunting to me and it would interfere with my other goals and priorities. But setting no goals would also be a bad idea because then I’d be doing everything else but what I know I love to do; read.

My best advice is to not overwhelm yourself with huge goals, its far better to set small, easily obtainable goals and building from a foundation base. I’ve since increased last years reading goal to 24 titles to read this year but I know that that is something I can do even if personal issues take priority. Another way to reach goals is to set them quarterly, every three months, review your goals and either change those goals so you can (keep) reaching your goals or if they’re not working for you then to either change or break-down those goals.

I wish you all the luck in 2021 and for all your successes, big and small.

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