The 12 Gifts for a Bookish Christmas

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With the festive season fast-approaching, I know that I start to panic thinking I have no idea what to get my loved ones! It becomes even more difficult when those loved ones have very particular interests or just don’t tell you what they are interested in… we all have at least one.

The Danish and Norwegian have a word for the feeling of being cozy, which is hygge (pronounced hoo-ga). When I think about reading a book, I imagine sitting on a comfy sofa by a fireplace on a cold winter night with a hot drink, blankets, cozy lighting and fluffy socks. And I imagine that this image is the same for many other readers.

So, in an effort to try and ease the panic for you, and to try and keep yourself safe by gift-shopping online, I’ve compiled a list of ideas that are things any bibliophile would love while stuck in a good book. I’ve tried my best to give ideas for those with a small or big budget, stocking-fillers to ‘bigger’ gifts.

1. Books

If you are buying for or live with a book-lover, there might be at least one bookshelf. Use this to do a bit of detective work, note down some authors they have on their shelves and see if there’s any new releases. If you know your recipient has a GoodReads account, this can be your window to their mind! Or, simply ask them (inconspicuously) what books that are coming out or old releases that they are interested in. A lot of us book collectors love to receive special edition and collector edition copies of our favourite titles and the Christmas season is the time that these editions hit the shelves hardest, so have a browse online for the perfect one.


There’s so many kinds of bookmarks and so many ways to personalise them, the only limitation is your imagination. Whether you want to buy one or make one, your bibliophile will love and treasure them.

3. Book Sleeves

For your book-lovers that are on-the-go and always carry a one with them; to protect their beloved literature, surprising them with one of these will be something they can carry with them all the time.

4. Bookish Clothes

From t-shirts and hoodies, to scarves and sock. There are so many to choose from and beautiful quotes can be one of the many staples. Redbubble has so many artists that design beautiful bookish quotes and adds more magic for that special person to enjoy over and over again.

5. Shower Speaker

This one may appear to be a bit out of the blue, but I love to listen to audiobooks whenever there are daily to-do’s that demand attention. And a shower is the most inconvenient time for readers… well, for me. For more than one reason. But having a water-resistant speaker would be amazing to sing your heart out or listen to your current reads

6. Bath Table

Photo credit – @darkfaerietales_

There’s so many uses for these, standing a book so it doesn’t get wet, propping-up your tablet to enjoy a movie or TV show, laying out those beauty elixir’s for a spot of papering and many more!

7. Journals and Notebooks

Bullet journaling is effectively a DIY diary or planner, giving the user complete creative freedom to add or remove trackers of various things, and is also just fun to do! But if you don’t think they would use a bullet journal system, there are ready-to-use reading journals out there.

8. Book Storage

Photo Credit – @myfriendsarefiction

If your recipient prefers practical gifts, getting them a new bookshelf , stand or basket would be perfect! (Just make sure they have the room first!)

9. Reading Light

If your loved one is, like me, a nocturnal reader, reading lights are perfect when they want to keep reading while their partner or sibling is sleeping soundly.

10. Blankets

Photo Credit – @DarlingJadore

I think I’m not the only person that thinks there is no such thing as ‘too many blankets’! I love curling up with a blanket any day of the year.

11. Book Subscriptions

Photo Credit – @illumicrate

Before I started to follow Bookstagram, I didn’t even know that book subscription boxes were a thing! I’ve been an Illumicrate subscriber for about 6 months now and, honestly is my favourite package to open. Most of the mainstream subscripton boxes are on a waitlist, but honestly, there are LOADS!

12. Tablet or Kindle

This gift is obviously aimed at those with a generous budget or just really want to surprise their loved ones. But since the beginning of 2020 we’ve all been very conscious of bacterial and viral infections and spending a lot of time at home. A tablet or Kindle is great because you can still enjoy reading on-the-go and be able to disinfect the device when you get home. I’m so grateful for mine!

Leave us a comment if there’s any bookish gift ideas I’ve missed any other gift ideas!

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