The Other Passenger

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Louise Candlish

Rating: 3 out of 5.

From the bestselling author of Our House, winner of the Crime and Thriller Book of the Year Award.            You’re feeling pretty smug about your commute to work by riverboat. No more traffic gridlock or getting stuck on the tube in tunnels (you’re claustrophobic); now you’ve got an iconic Thames view, fresh air ?— a whole lifestyle upgrade. You’ve made new friends onboard — led by your hedonistic young neighbour, Kit ?— and just had your first ‘water rats’ Christmas drinks.          But the first day back after Christmas, Kit isn’t on the morning boat. The river landmarks are all the same, but something’s off. You disembark to find the police waiting. Kit’s wife, Melia, has reported him missing and another passenger witnessed the two of you arguing on the last boat home after your drinks. Police say you had a reason to lash out at him. To kill him.          You protest. You and Kit are friends ?— ask Melia, she’ll vouch for you. And who exactly is this other passenger pointing the finger? What do they know about your private lives? No, whatever coincidences might have occurred that night, you are innocent, totally innocent.          Aren’t you?

I was so excited when this finally arrived at my door!

We follow our protagonist, Jamie, when, on his regular boat-commute, is stopped by police officers with news that his friend and fellow commuter, Kit, goes missing and is suspected murdered. But, as we are guided through his recollections from meeting Kit, his wife Melia and Jamie’s relationship with 10-year partner, Clare, we learn that nothing is as it seems.

Jamie, the honest, loyal man is not as honest or loyal, Clare is not as devoted, Kit is not just a boisterous, fun-loving man and Melia is not as young and naïve as she likes to show.

The characters in this were well developed and had their own voices. There were some unexpected twists but the main focus was on character development.

I found that after the first 100 pages the story-development slowed to a snails pace, but I think this was intentional so we can see all the events and foreshadowing to what ultimately happens in the last 100 pages.

I thought that this was a fun read but just didn’t quite meet my personal tastes, it was just a little too predictable for me. That said, I would highly recommend this to readers that are driven by character development in contemporary settings.


401 pages

Published – 25th June 2020

Publishing Company – Simon and Schuster

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